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Central Queensland Communities around Rockhampton

Moura – Heart of the Dawson Valley – Coal, Cattle, Cotton and Crops in a big wide country

Moura is located in Banana Shire on the Dawson Highway, 180km south-west of Rockhampton or 586 km north-west of Brisbane. This diverse township is located in the Dawson Valley. Named the Heart of the Dawson Valley’, this thriving community is known for its coal mining, cotton processing, wheat and sorghum growing and chemical manufacture. This mixture of activities has ensured that, unlike most coal mining centres in Queensland, the town has not developed as a typical company town for miners. The other major local enterprise is visually broadcast to the surrounding district. Huge grain silos (the second-largest in Queensland) are located at the eastern end of town and can be seen from a considerable distance.

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Biloela – ‘Banana Shire – a great place to visit, a great place to invest, a great place to live, a great place to grow’

Nestled in the arable Callide Valley, Biloela is only an hour’s flight from Brisbane, less than two hours’ drive to Rockhampton (which is only half an hour from the Capricorn Coast), and closer to Gladstone and its nearby beaches.Biloela is the administrative hub of the Callide Valley, situated West of Gladstone and South of Rockhampton and is the main town in the Banana Shire. The region boasts diverse industry and blossoms with potential. Industries in the region include several significant coal mines, two power stations, beef processing works, a large piggery, a gold mine, cotton ginnery, phosphate mines and extensive grazing and farming enterprises. Crops include wheat, mung beans, lucerne, and sorghum.
Small boutique type enterprises have flourished in recent years and include fish and red claw farms, squab farming and rocessing, and herb industries. Each industry adds another facet of interest to the region and participates actively in the locality’s success and appeal.

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Theodore – The Theodore community is one you can really get involved in.

There is an abundance of active community organisations, sporting clubs and interest groups that are always happy to hear from keen and interested people. Supporting a broader and diverse agricultural economy along with the mines.

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There are numerous other communties providing facilities & support throughout throughout Central Queensland that use Rockhampton as their main town: Marlborough, Clark Creek, Bouldercombe, Wowan, Duaringa, Baralaba, Dingo, Middlemount to name a few.