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  • Beef Cattle Market: 2018 in Review and a Look Ahead – USA

    Story from Drovers: Driving the Beef Market (Online Industry Website USA) By Josh Maples, Mississippi State University January 3, 2019 Beef Cattle Market: 2018 in Review and a Look Ahead – USA Large supplies, record exports, and trade concerns are just a few of the topics that dominated the beef … Read more

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  • International Beef Alliance calls for trade reforms

    By Aidan Fortune – The International Beef Alliance (IBA) has repeated its call for ministers to agree on a path to achieve meaningful trade reforms that lead to liberalisation of the global trading environment, while protecting beef producers’ livelihoods. As various government officials congregated at the Eleventh Ministerial Conference … Read more

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  • Australian farmers welcome removal of agricultural export subsidies

    By Anna Vidot 21/12/2015 Australian farmers say an international agreement to scrap agricultural export subsidies will put them on a level playing field with their competitors from overseas. More than 160 member countries of the World Trade Organisation have agreed to remove the subsidies, which include direct payments, loans, … Read more

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  • US Senate Passes Mandatory Livestock Price Reporting Law

    Senate passes Mandatory Price Reporting law By Tom Johnston on 9/22/2015 The U.S. Senate on Monday passed the Mandatory Livestock Reporting Act of 2015, according to the Congressional Record. Livestock Mandatory Price Reporting requires packers to inform the USDA of the prices they pay livestock producers for cattle, hogs … Read more

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  • Live Export protocol to China – updated 13th August 2015

    China (Please see diagrams at end of this release provided by the Australian Live Export Corporation) Cattle Slaughter • PERMIT REQUIREMENTS • HEALTH CERTIFICATE • PROTOCOL LAST NEGOTIATED • SPECIAL CONDITIONS PERMIT REQUIREMENTS An import permit is required. Each Import Permit is applicable to … Read more

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  • Growth in beef consumption in China creates opportunity

    By Anna Flávia Rochas on 7/10/2015 Chinese beef consumption increased strongly in recent years, and despite market slowdown expected in the coming decade, continued growth in demand and a willingness of consumers to pay more should create opportunities for global beef processors, according to a recently released Rabobank report. “An additional 2.2 … Read more

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